The product

The construction industry is large. Despite its strong position, a large part of the industry’s profit is wasted through inadequate communication between project participants. It’s unnecessary costs, which in many cases derive from the winded distribution and administration of blue prints.

Blue prints are traditionally plotted on paper and they are as difficult to handle as to keep track of. If a blue print needs to be revised during a project, that means more administration and higher costs.

With Proyk you make sure that every member in the project always have access to the right blue print, at the right time. Proyk is a professional digital blue print system that replaces physical blue prints and it digitalizes all the way to construction sites.

The system is a cloud service that updates in real time and can be connected to all project management systems, via API integration. Hence, Proyk can be used in all your projects.

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In order to get started, no specific user registration is required. Instead, the system uses physical identifiers exploiting RFID technology (e.g. entrance control cards) in order to check out blue print readers from the base station. The system then knows who checked out the reader and therefore are responsible to return it. The physical identifier also connects the individual notes to the user that has checked out the reader so they can be recovered no matter which reader you are currently using. The notes are also synchronized with the cloud service and can therefore be recovered in any device connected.


The readers are designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions, which can occur on construction sites. The EPD display reproduce the blue print in perfect contrast regardless of sunlight. The individual notes are taken directly on the display in the same way and with the same feeling as writing on paper.


The system is developed in order to distribute digital blue prints in pdf format. However, it can be used for all types of pdf documents.

The planned selling begins during 2017. In order to receive direct information:

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